Vanilla Music
A small, fast and free (GPLv3) music player for Android

Vanilla Music

Vanilla Music is a fast, small and free (GPLv3 licensed) music player for android devices. The App is available via F-Droid and Google Play


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App stores

Get it on Google-Play Get it on F-Droid

Nightly builds

Nightly builds (built, using the current git HEAD) are available from here. Note that these builds are for testing only and may or may not work.

Get involved!


You can contribute to Vanilla Music without coding skills by helping us to translate the application


Vanilla Musics source code is hosted at github.

A good starting point for new contributors is to have a look at issues labeled with ‘patches-welcome’. Most of them are low hanging fruits ;-) We also recommend to have a quick look at the ‘contributing’ section in the README

Reporting bugs

Please use the github issue tracker to report bugs


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